1. I also invented the idea of of the “fake stick throw” for joke-telling, where you pretend to throw the joke, but instead you hide it behind your back with your other hand, and everybody just keeps searching the grass for the joke. By doing this, I avoid losing all my best jokes.


  2. You’ll forgive my use of the wildly popular phrasing “pig’s picks” in this instance. Usually I try to keep my comics more “indie” and obscure, but sometimes you really need to cast a wider net, and appeal to the masses by using terminology they’re familiar with.


  3. This comic of course, references the terrifying moment of realization that we have all experienced at some point in our life, when we notice that we do not in fact have any fingers, and are therefore unable to play hilarious fart-based jokes on each other. THE HORROR!!!


  4. I think this is a feeling we can all probably agree on, right you guys?


  5. Li’l guy does not mean to offend. Allow him to explain.


  6. It’s REAL dark in here.


  7. Now with 50% dumber jokes!


  8. Wherein “society” is depicted as a block of fools, and a block of ding dongs, held together by white glue, apparently. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it.


  9. Take your time with this one.


  10. Happy birthday, me. As a present, I got you a weird comic strip that barely makes any sense.