1. Those little cats can be very rude sometimes, y’know?


  2. You know, you guys?


  3. Wither Shruggles, indeed friends? Whither Shruggles, indeed?


  4. I didn’t even remember I’d never thought of this one, until I had barely finished not thinking it, and then it was just there.


  5. Wherein our unspoken agreement is laid out clearly and weirdly.


  6. Here’s a trick my father taught me: You engage a person in deep, personal, unmediated eye contact.. Then you continue to hold their unwavering, and intimate gaze, while you steal their snack foods. It works like a charm, and it will stand up in court 100% of the time. My dad has all sorts of useful tips like that. My dad also has no idea that I tell you guys these things.


  7. You know how when human people take off their hats, it’s virtually impossible to tell anybody apart? Well, it turns out the same goes for little mind-cats.


  8. In cartooning, hats and outfits are useful because it means you only have to learn to draw one character ever.


  9. You guys, I swear that when I drew this, I didn’t think it was a dirty joke. I swear to you. I’m better than that, ok?


  10. Wait, what’s the joke? The joke is that there is no joke, ok? That’s the joke, because I SAY THAT’S THE JOKE. If you want a different joke then go ask somebody else’s little cats, because this is what’s happening right now. HAHA, JK, WE’RE ALL FRIENDS - RIGHT YOU GUYS??