1. It’s REAL dark in here.


  2. Now with 50% dumber jokes!


  3. Wherein “society” is depicted as a block of fools, and a block of ding dongs, held together by white glue, apparently. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it.


  4. Take your time with this one.


  5. Happy birthday, me. As a present, I got you a weird comic strip that barely makes any sense.


  6. Those little cats can be very rude sometimes, y’know?


  7. You know, you guys?


  8. Wither Shruggles, indeed friends? Whither Shruggles, indeed?


  9. I didn’t even remember I’d never thought of this one, until I had barely finished not thinking it, and then it was just there.


  10. Wherein our unspoken agreement is laid out clearly and weirdly.